Covid-19 Disinfecting Services in Fort Worth

Whether you are responsible for an office building or a retail store, Whitlock Building Services, LLC provides the cost-effective Covid-19 disinfecting services that businesses in Fort Worth trust. As our partners, you’ll learn that we take our responsibility for your health and keeping your commercial environment clean very seriously.

Our dedicated staff is a group of licensed and insured professionals who have each been hand-selected for their position. We spend the extra time ensuring all training is up-to-date and that rigorous safety and disinfection protocols are always followed.

Your goal is to keep your workplace free of harmful viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Our goal is to help you make that possible. Get in touch by calling (817) 583-7180 for a risk-free estimate.

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Affordable Virus Disinfection Services

Covid-19 is a severe threat affecting many people and businesses in our region. For companies to continue serving valued clients, it has become critical to follow vigorous cleaning standards that help to keep your staff and customers safe from possible illness.

The following is a small sample of some of the affordable virus disinfection services we provide:

  • Desk and office equipment disinfection
  • Bathroom disinfection
  • Kitchen and food area disinfection
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Handrails, door handles, and elevator disinfecting
  • Counters and shelving disinfection
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • And more!

Allow our team to customize our services to your level of need. Connect with us by phone or email to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Essential Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting

Your organization relies on productive employees and a healthy, happy clientele. While environmental cleaning and disinfecting have always been at the forefront of good business, it has now become an essential part of the role you play in keeping your community safe.

The following are some of the top reasons commercial disinfection service is essential in the face of Covid-19:

  • Reduces possible transmission
  • Improves air quality
  • Ensures approved cleaning chemicals are used
  • Ensures chemical solutions are applied for the correct amount of time needed to kill viruses
  • Reduces staff sick time
  • Your clients appreciate a clean and inviting place of business

Public spaces and private offices are now at risk of becoming transmission hot spots. Give your staff and the customers you serve peace of mind knowing you’ve stepped up your janitorial services during this time and are working with a disinfection professional that is backed by many years of experience removing viruses from everyday surfaces.

Covid-19 Cleaning Certification: Fully Licensed and Insured Cleaning Technicians

As industry-leading cleaning technicians, our Covid-19 cleaning certifications are unrivaled. We are committed to supporting your company through these unprecedented times by offering flexible scheduling and customized cleaning checklists aligned with your company’s unique goals and preferences.

We are fully licensed and insured professionals equipped with state-of-the-art disinfection technology. Sit down with us during a no-risk consultation to learn more about our comprehensive services.

Call for Us for Professional Disinfecting Services that Suit Your Budget

Whitlock Building Services, LLC strives to match your Fort Worth business with the level of deep disinfecting services that allow your clients to feel comfortable and your employees to thrive. We are passionate experts with many resources. We are proud of our ability to provide comprehensive cleaning services to organizations across a diverse range of industries.

Phone us by dialing (817) 583-7180 to find out more about our cost-saving and fully customizable services.