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Calculating Cleaning Costs for Your Commercial Space

If you're responsible for managing a building, you know one of the first things you'll flip to in a janitorial service proposal is the price. It's essential to understand the factors that influence this cost to make an informed decision about your facility's maintenance.

Here's a look at what could affect the price tag of keeping your space clean:

  1. Traffic in the building.
  2. The industry of your business.
  3. Layout and features of your space.
  4. The cleaning schedule and services needed.
  5. How pristine you need your environment.

Before we delve deeper, let's acknowledge a fundamental truth: labor is the most significant chunk of your cleaning costs. The time cleaners spend tidying up your space is what you're mostly paying for. Now, let's explore how each factor affects labor hours.

6. Traffic in Your Building

Simply put, more people equals more mess. Whether your building is frequented by employees, customers, students, or patients, each person contributes to the cleaning workload. A small office with a few workers won't need as much cleaning as a large school or a busy call center.

7. Industry Type

The kind of business you operate can greatly impact the amount of cleaning required. For example, a manufacturing plant may generate more dust and grime than a law firm's office, demanding more intensive cleaning services.

8. Building Layout and Features

The size and design of your building, the number of restrooms, floor types, and overall layout play a significant role in determining cleaning costs. An older building with numerous small offices and hard floors might require more effort to clean than a newer space with an open plan and carpeting.

9. Cleaning Schedule and Services

Standard cleaning services include trash removal, dusting, floor care, and bathroom maintenance. However, the frequency of these services can increase or decrease the cost. A healthcare facility might need daily floor mopping, whereas a corporate office could get by with less frequent cleaning.

10.Cleanliness Standards

What "clean" means can vary. Some might be satisfied with a general tidy-up, while others may expect every nook and cranny to be dust-free. High standards of cleanliness typically mean more time spent cleaning.

11. What's the Cost Then?

The answer is not straightforward. It hinges on labor costs, which fluctuate based on building usage, your industry, the physical attributes of your facility, how often you need cleaning services, and the cleanliness standards set.

For a detailed discussion about your specific needs and a free cleaning cost estimate for your commercial space, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help you maintain a spotless business environment that makes a great impression.

Whitlock Building Services, LLC's' WBS Cleaning Chronicles
Whitlock Building Services, LLC's' WBS Cleaning Chronicles
Whitlock Building Services, LLC's' WBS Cleaning Chronicles
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